Carl's Shoreline, Washington Weather Station
Elevation 373 feet above sea level, North Ridge-Echo Lake, Shoreline, Washington.
About Carl's Shoreline Weather Station
image of the sensor array The weather station is an Oregon Scientific wmr100. It is a wireless unit with a remote receiver hooked up to a PC by USB. The processor onboard the transmitter stores any dynamic wind information between each 5 second transmit to the receiver. The array of sensors is as follows. The rain gauge is a self emptying tipping bucket style that measures precipitation in .04 inch increments. The temperature and humidity sensors are with the transmitter inclosed in a solor radiation sheild. On top of the sheild is the wind vaine. Above that is the 3 cup anemometer.

The temperature sensor, humidity sensor and wind array is mounted on a 4x4 treated wood mast heavily reinforced with 1/2 inch bolts about 20 feet above ground. However the area is heavily wooded with very tall douglas fir trees that prevent it from normally picking up the really strong winds. On days when wind gusts are avraging about 40mph 50-100 feet up near tree tops, the station may only record gusts from 15-25mph. Ocasionally a surface wind gust will cause it to peak higher. This usually doesn't happen unless the storm is particularly intense, especially along the ground. The rain gauge is about 7 feet above ground. It is out on a platform about 2 feet from the main mast and is not effected by wind directions so precipitations should be accurate in any wind direction. The computer is an Asus motherboard running an Athlon 1700 XP cpu with 512MB of ram. It runs Windows XP Professional, the weather recording software is Weather Display 10.37Q Build 87. The server updates the web page every 5 minutes.

I first bought and installed this weather station when I was living up at a cabin east of Gold Bar, Washington along US State Highway 2 (Steven's Pass Highway). The elevation was about 310ft and it was about 120 feet from the Skykomish River. It was first put online in October 2007, but the trial on the software expired and I didn't get a license until December 2007. It operated from December 2007 until June 2008 when I moved back to Shoreline. The station was offline and down for the rest of the summer as I was trying to juggle time on work, sleep, and moving from Gold Bar back to the Seattle area. Finally got it back up on September 29th, 2008. Just in time for the stormy season.

The weather station is now located in the old North Ridge neighborhood within the now Echo Lake neighborhood of Shoreline, Washington. It is about half a mile southwest of I-5 and the King/Snohomish county border. The elevation according to Google Earth is 373ft above sea level. It has been operating there since September 29th, 2008. The rain gauge however wasn't working until the start of November 2008.


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